Featured Artist: Tina

I had the privilege of interviewing TRACK’s new featured artist, Tina. I TOTALLY enjoyed getting to know her and her art!


Tina (Self-titled)Tina (Mixed Media)

Jenna: Here we go! Let’s start with some simple questions…what’s your name?

Tina: Tina.

Jenna: How old are you?

Tina: 14 and a half. Or you can just call it 14.

Jenna: Aaaaaaaand what’s your favorite color?

Tina: I don’t really have a favorite color. I like all colors.

Jenna: How long have you been drawing Art Cards?

Tina: I tried it once at Somerville’s Art Beat festival in 2004, but I didn’t keep those cards. It’s been about a year…I dunno!

Jenna: Yup, I think you’ve been drawing with me for about a year. You’re a very talented artist. I really like your style. Can you tell me about that?

Tina: I do Manga. I started doing Manga since October, when I did a Feudal Pyramid of Japan at school. I thought it would   be cool to do Manga because it’s an art that comes from Japan.

Jenna: That’s cool. I also think you’ve incorporated that into your own style. I see that you like to use lots of bright colors.

Tina: That’s me! I don’t like to use dark colors.          

Tina         Tina            Tina       Tina

Jenna: What’s your favorite thing to draw?

Tina: Ummm…people.

Jenna: Which is different from when you first started drawing, right?

Tina: Yea. I used to just like to experiment with color. I drew landscapes and used to love to do letters, but now I love to draw people.

Jenna: So, the unique thing about Art Cards is the size…the small space. Do you like that or do you like to draw bigger?

Tina: I like the challenge of drawing something smaller with less detail. Bigger spaces can be overwhelming because I like to be really detailed. Its hard for me to look at something and draw it exactly like I see it so when I try to do that smaller I get less frustrated.

Jenna: What do you like most about Art Cards?

Tina: Drawing with you!

Jenna: Thank you! I like drawing with you, too. We’ll have to make time to draw together soon and experiment with some different styles. What else do you like about Art Cards?

Tina: That you get to draw with different colored markers and other things besides just pencils.

Jenna: Totally. It looks like you’ve been experimenting with some mixed media, too. I see some different kinds of papers, stickers…lots of texture. How would you describe this card right here?

Tina     Tina Tina and Jenna

Tina: I have a funny sense of humor so I decided to use that with this card. The colors remind me of Japan…and ducks are so cute…they’re feathery and soft…

Jenna: The thing I like most about your mixed media cards is the texture. I like that you can feel all kinds…

Tina: But on the computer you can’t!

Jenna: You’re right. BUT! It’s my job to get really good pictures of your art so that people seeing your work can imagine what you want them to feel like!

Tina      Tina      Tina     photo 1

Tina:  Ok. I like the mixed media cards because they remind me of scrapbooking and I can use whatever I want and it doesn’t really matter.

Jenna: That’s great. There is no wrong answer. You mentioned Harry Potter earlier…is this whole sheet dedicated to the characters?

Tina: Yea, this is suppose to be Peeves the Poltergeist from Harry Potter. He’s the one who always gets people in trouble. This is Sirius Black, Harry’s Godfather, this is Dumbledore…though I forgot his half-moon spectacles…oh well! I was trying to draw Hermione Granger…but instead it kinda looks like my cousin.

Tina     Tina     Tina     Tina

Jenna: They look GREAT. Tell me about this card.

Tina: I think being a friend and understanding others is more important than being popular.

Jenna: So, are these the things that make up a good friend?

Tina: Yea.


Jenna: I think it’s great that you know what’s important to you. I also think that YOU are all of these things you wrote: someone who’s loving, someone who talks, who is fun, wise and creative. Tell me about some other things you like doing.

Tina: Swimming! I like being on a team, even though sometimes its hard, and I like the way the water feels. I’m good at the freestyle.

Jenna: What else?

Tina: When I’m bored I just take out paper and start drawing.

Jenna: What do you like to do in the summer time?

Tina: Basically, annoy my mom.

Jenna: What?! What about something more fun than that?

Tina: I like to read and listen to music. I like all varieties of music except for really hard rock…like…The Who…lol. My most favorite kind of music is accapella: music with just the voice.

Jenna: This has been super, Tina. Is there anything else you’d like people to know about you?

Tina: Do you usually list a disability, like a learning difference?

Jenna: That’s a really good question. The purpose of our interview is for people to get to know you and your art, and for you to talk about what is important to you.

Tina: I have dyslexia and ADHD, attention deficit disorder, though I consider myself to just have ADD. And, my school has helped me a lot.

Jenna: Can you tell me why it’s important for you to share this info?

Tina: Because it’s a part of who I am and why my art is sometimes unique. I can’t look at something and draw it, that’s a part of the dyslexia. So, when I do try to do that, it turns out different than what I want it to look like but I still think it looks ok.

Jenna: I think that’s a perfect note to end on. Thank you, Tina! You’ve been great!

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