My name is Declan. I am one of the newest members of the Art Card project.  I like art cards because it is a fun, easy way to get my art out there.  I like the format because it is small enough to fit in your pocket and big enough to get a clear image across.  Jenna is really nice and inspiring.  She inspired me to try my best to create good cards. (Scroll down to see my art!)

I try my best to draw characters and bosses from video games.  A lot of bosses from video games are very intricate but if you know what you are doing and you set your mind to it, they are very easy to draw.  My favorite card that I have done is the one of the bug-thing with pincers sticking out of the ground with a pyramid in the background.  It is based off of an enemy character from a game called Terraria.

In my spare time I make video game videos for YouTube and play a lot of video games.  I also talk to my friends on Skype.  When I grow up I wish to be a video game programmer.  I have started to learn how to program in Python.  Most video games are written in Java, Flash, or C++.  So I am planning on learning easier programming languages and then building up to the more complicated ones.

I just recently got a new cat.  Its name is Toby.  I really love this cat.  I play with her daily and she occasionally attacks my leg.  Maybe sometime I will draw an art card of her.

Declan’s most recent Art Cards:

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