Reflecting On Our Success!

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Hello All!

As we close in on the year, it is a time for reflection.  My appreciation for the magic that unfolds for kids when they’re engaged with art has compounded.  I am grateful to have worked with so many talented kids, engaged parents and excited staff.  In the few months that TRACK has been on the road, we’ve worked with 5 sites and served almost 100 kids! We’re looking forward to continuing our diverse work at the therapeutic day school at The Italian Home for Children, the independent Atrium School, the battered women’s shelter, RESPOND, The Guidance Center’s Family After School Program and Daybreak’s summer camp program.  We’re also excited to start working with The Walker School, another therapeutic day school, and the Cambridge Community Arts Center in the coming year!

In closing, the following are a few thoughts from folks at those programs…

“Jenna’s fresh energy, calm but enthusiastic demeanor, and fair and encouraging approach was nourishing to the students minds and hearts. She was reliable and consistent, which is doubly important when working with my student population. Her offer to follow up the workshop with later dates in the school year ensures this gift she has given us will continue to grow, eventually taking on its own life. It is beyond obvious that she genuinely believes in this art card movement as a means to support the creative and social health of the youth whom she seeks to serve and cares deeply about.”  –Christine, Art teacher at The Italian Home for Children School

“I think they get the sense of working with a real artist who shows appreciation and interest in their work.  They get access to a medium that is both familiar, as they are collectors, and novel as they likely had not thought of creating their own.  There is a sense that art is achievable as the “canvas” is small and not overwhelming to fill. Then there are all of the educational links and possibilities around sequencing activities, cards to represent feelings, characters from a story, etc…!”  -Mia, Director at Daybreak Summer Day Camp

“The Traveling Art Card “movement” has already become a vehicle to creatively engage the children at FASP…often tough customers, they are contained and focused during their weekly workshop with Jenna, and enthusiastic about the process. Experiencing this project and witnessing the magical charm that surrounds Jenna as she facilitates the work, has enriched our children individually, as a group, and our program as a whole. I am hopeful that we can further integrate Traveling Art Cards into our therapeutic community.”  Maribeth, Director at The Guidance Center’s Family After School Program

“I just can’t stop being creative!!” -8 year old boy

See you in the new year!!

Jenna Alderton

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