Success at the Family After School Program!

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8 Inspiring Months at FASP!

When I hit the road with TRACK I knew exactly where I wanted my adventure to begin:  Cambridge’s Family After School Program (FASP).  I was drawn to their mission as a program, their director’s passion and the children who’s lives they were committed to transforming. Workshops began weekly in September 2011 with 2 to 3 kids and were so successful, they quickly grew to engage up to 9 kids AND their staff! After just one month into the venture, the program’s director, Maribeth Arena had this to say:

“The Traveling Art Card ‘movement’ has already become a vehicle to creatively engage the children at FASP…often tough customers, they are contained and focused during their weekly workshop with Jenna, and enthusiastic about the process. Experiencing this project and witnessing the magical charm that surrounds Jenna as she facilitates the work, has enriched our children individually, as a group, and our program as a whole. I am hopeful that we can further integrate Traveling Art Cards into our therapeutic community.”

I’m excited to announce that TRACK was such a success at FASP, they have taken charge of using art cards at their program and are moving forward on their own! In order to support this big step TRACK equipped FASP with a kit of supplies that I’m sure they’ll put to good use and I’ll return as a visiting artist and ongoing resource. I look forward to staying connected to the work they’re doing and to build on our solid foundation! I have lots of ideas about what directions we can steer Art Cards into in the future…and I know they do too! Let the next adventure begin!

Thank you FASP!


For more info about the program, feel free to check out their website:

To hear what the kids have to say, check out my previous blog:

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